Commit cac40e62 authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Fixes for more recent compilers

parent 59413c47
Subproject commit 3a7629321d846352d8d3590d9a19f3ae3a094779
Subproject commit 11aa212a3a5b22750ec2483dd59a502ef7474c86
Subproject commit 7a29edb6a66bddc43fd85b599ad13574172b84c4
Subproject commit f7b39358bbc0c31fb0e7765f6f9fbed71a7e4001
Subproject commit 025dcbdcf0d1df9d157c56236e008dc9db238690
Subproject commit 61231dffd4426f1440d9a5d5aec6894dde2d6124
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