Commit 8271a682 authored by David Bommes's avatar David Bommes
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enabled twosidedlighting for face coloring with flat shading

parent 3c2f82bc
......@@ -656,6 +656,9 @@ void VolumeMeshNodeT<VolumeMeshT>::draw(GLState& _state, const DrawModes::DrawMo
// edge based draw mode (except edges on cells) and irregular edges
edgeDrawMode |= _drawMode & (drawModes_.irregularInnerEdges | drawModes_.irregularOuterEdges);
// enable twosided lighting for per_face_flat_shaded
if(faceDrawMode & (drawModes_.facesColoredPerFaceFlatShaded))
if (cellDrawMode)
drawCells(_state, cellDrawMode);
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