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Merge branch 'Documentation_size_t_fixes' into 'master'

Fixed Documentation stating unsigned int instead of size_t for n_entity() functions

See merge request !59
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......@@ -141,9 +141,9 @@ public:
* exhausted. This might lead to an memory allocation exception,
* though an smaller increment would be enough.
void reserve( unsigned int _n_vertices,
unsigned int _n_edges,
unsigned int _n_faces );
void reserve( size_t _n_vertices,
size_t _n_edges,
size_t _n_faces );
/// \name Handle -> Item.
......@@ -224,13 +224,13 @@ public:
/// \name Number of elements
/// Returns number of vertices
unsigned int n_vertices() const;
size_t n_vertices() const;
/// Returns number of halfedges (should be 2*n_edges())
unsigned int n_halfedges() const;
size_t n_halfedges() const;
/// Returns number of edges
unsigned int n_edges() const;
size_t n_edges() const;
/// Returns number of faces
unsigned int n_faces() const;
size_t n_faces() const;
/// Is the vertex container empty?
bool vertices_empty() const;
/// Is the halfedge container empty (should be the same as edges_empty()).
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