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adding support for additional elements

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......@@ -165,7 +165,6 @@ private:
mutable unsigned int vertexCount_;
mutable unsigned int faceCount_;
mutable ValueType vertexType_;
mutable uint vertexDimension_;
enum Property {
......@@ -190,8 +189,23 @@ private:
PropertyInfo(Property _p, ValueType _v):property(_p),value(_v),name(""),listIndexType(Unsupported){}
PropertyInfo(Property _p, ValueType _v, const std::string& _n):property(_p),value(_v),name(_n),listIndexType(Unsupported){}
mutable std::vector< PropertyInfo > vertexProperties_;
mutable std::vector< PropertyInfo > faceProperties_;
enum Element {
// Information on the elements
struct ElementInfo
Element element_;
std::string name_;
unsigned int count_;
std::vector< PropertyInfo > properties_;
mutable std::vector< ElementInfo > elements_;
template<typename T>
inline void read(_PLYReader_::ValueType _type, std::istream& _in, T& _value, OpenMesh::GenProg::TrueType /*_binary*/) const
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