Commit 1b46bb0e authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Added a documentation hint. closes #65

parent b794e7e6
......@@ -363,8 +363,11 @@ private: // topological modifiers
_m.set_face_handle( new_heh, _m.face_handle(heh) );
_m.set_halfedge_handle( vh, new_heh);
// We cant reconnect a non existing face, so we skip this here if necessary
if ( !_m.is_boundary(heh) )
_m.set_halfedge_handle( _m.face_handle(heh), heh );
_m.set_halfedge_handle( vh1, opp_new_heh );
// Never forget this, when playing with the topology
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