Commit 1d292521 authored by Hans-Christian Ebke's avatar Hans-Christian Ebke
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Core/Utils/PropertyManager: Added createIfNotExists factory method.

git-svn-id: fdac6126-5c0c-442c-9429-916003d36597
parent 3bd89949
......@@ -131,6 +131,18 @@ class PropertyManager {
return *this;
* Create a property manager for the supplied property and mesh.
* If the property doesn't exist, it is created. In any case,
* lifecycle management is disabled.
static PropertyManager createIfNotExists(MeshT &mesh, const char *propname) {
PROPTYPE dummy_prop;
PropertyManager pm(mesh, propname, mesh.get_property_handle(dummy_prop, propname));
return std::move(pm);
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