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Document behaviour of circulators on deleted elements

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MyMesh mesh;
// (linearly) iterate over all vertices
for (MyMesh::VertexIter v_it=mesh.vertices_begin(); v_it!=mesh.vertices_end(); ++v_it)
for (MyMesh::VertexIter v_it=mesh.vertices_sbegin(); v_it!=mesh.vertices_end(); ++v_it)
// circulate around the current vertex
for (MyMesh::VertexVertexIter vv_it=mesh.vv_iter(v_it.handle()); vv_it; ++vv_it)
......@@ -840,7 +840,7 @@ to get circulators around a specified center item:
Note that for every circulator there also exists a constant version.
\note For every circulator there also exists a constant version.
To make use of these constant circulators just add the prefix<br />
"Const" to the type specifier and add the prefix "c" to the function used to request
the circulator of an item. Example:<br/>
......@@ -849,6 +849,16 @@ the circulator of an item. Example:<br/>
ConstVertexVertexIter cvvit = mesh.cvv_iter(some_vertex_handle);
\note When constructing Circulators from iterators, make sure you don't create
a circulator of an deleted element(e.g. FaceVertexiter of a deleted Face), as
this will lead to unpredictable behaviour. Using skipping iterators for iterating over
the elements and creating circulators from them is safe as they don't contain
deleted elements.
\section it_circs_h How to use circulators in OpenMesh
The following code example now shows how to enumerate the 1-ring of each vertex:
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