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add feature support list for readers/writers

closes #2498

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......@@ -24,34 +24,39 @@ distinguish between
- Options::FaceColor
- Options::ColorAlpha
- Options::ColorFloat
- Options::Custom
These bits have different effects when reading or writing. The file
format itself is selected by the extension of the filename. The IO
subsystem of the %OpenMesh library supports currently four
formats. The following table list all formats and indicates whether
the format supports ASCII/binary storage with the apropiate extension.
<table border=0>
<td>Format</td><td colspan=2>Ascii</td><td>Binary</td>
<td>STL</td><td>.stla, .stl</td><td>.stlb, .stl</td>
format itself is selected by the extension of the filename.
Below in the table you can see what options are suported by which reader/writer (it is possible that the data format can support more).
ASCII is not a real option and will be selected, if binary was not defined.
<CAPTION><EM>Reader/Writer Feature Support List</EM></CAPTION>
<TR><TH>OBJ<TD>x<TD> <TD> <TD> <TD> <TD>x<TD>x *)<TD>x<TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD><TD><TD>
<TR><TH>OFF<TD>x<TD>x<TD> <TD>x<TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD> <TD> <TD>x<TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>
<TR><TH>PLY<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD> <TD> <TD> <TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>x **)
<TR><TH>OM<TD> <TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD>x<TD><TD>x<TD>x<TD><TD><TD><TD>x (\ref tutorial_09 )
<TR><TH>VTK ***)<TD>x<TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD><TD>
\*) can <i>read</i> the non-standard extension vertex colors (floats only):
\li defined with vc (e.g. used by meshlab)
\li colors encoded in a vertex line (v followed by 6 values)
\**) only ascii version and only vertex and face properties with fundamental types
\***) no reader exists
The program does not more than providing a command line based
interface to select the option bits for reading/writing and to request
mesh properties. Hence illegal combinations are possible and will
result in a failure of the program. (The input file won't be damaged
in this case, but be careful where you put the ouput file!)
Please note that the Options::ColorFloat is currently only implemented for PLY
and OFF files.
<h5>Reading meshes</h5>
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