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Some minor corrections to the navigation tutorial. Added code example on how...

Some minor corrections to the navigation tutorial. Added code example on how to use the opposite_halfedge_handle() function.

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......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
// Get the handle to the opposite halfedge
OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT< FinalMeshItems >::opposite_halfedge_handle();
// Get the opposite vertex to the opposite halfedge
// Get the halfedge handle of i.e. the halfedge
// that is associated to the first vertex
// of our set of vertices
PolyMesh::HalfedgeHandle heh = mesh.halfedge_handle(mesh.vertices_begin().handle());
// Now get the handle of its opposing halfedge
PolyMesh::HalfedgeHandle opposite_heh = mesh.opposite_halfedge_handle(heh);
/** \page mesh_first_to_read Start here (Notes about template programming)!
/** \page mesh_first_to_read Start here (Notes on template programming)!
Please note, that %OpenMesh makes heavily use of C++ templates,
generic programming and all that stuff (see \ref mesh_cpp). Therefore
......@@ -90,6 +90,10 @@ return the red halfedge:
\image html mesh.opp.png
Use this function as described in the example below:
There are also a few more functions that offer easy access to opposing structures:
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