Commit 651e8cf9 authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon
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add default trait that uses double precision

parent 7a608b1e
......@@ -152,6 +152,24 @@ struct DefaultTraits
/** \class DefaultTraitsDouble Traits.hh <OpenMesh/Mesh/Traits.hh>
Version of Default Traits that uses double precision for points and
normals as well as floating point vectors for colors
\see The Mesh docu section on \ref mesh_type.
\see Traits.hh for a list of macros for traits classes.
struct DefaultTraitsDouble : public DefaultTraits
/// Use double precision points
typedef OpenMesh::Vec3d Point;
/// Use double precision Normals
typedef OpenMesh::Vec3d Normal;
/// Use RGBA Color
typedef OpenMesh::Vec4f Color;
//== CLASS DEFINITION =========================================================
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