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<li>Fixed type pun warning with gcc-6</li>
<li>Fixed incorrect type of hash function for boost causing a warning with clang</li>
<li>gcc 4.7 fix</li>
......@@ -20,15 +21,37 @@
<li>STL Reader: Identify stl files containing solid keyword as ASCII type</li>
<li>PropertyManager: Add C++11 range-based set_range() version.</li>
<li>PropertyManager: Add initializing createIfNotExists() versions.</li>
<li>Fixed undefined MSVC macro warning (Thanks to Xan for the patch)</li>
<li>Added link directories and log file to build system</li>
<li>Made member function pointer types explicit. This gets rid of a preprocessor conditional and prevents bug in msvc.</li>
<li>Added unittest to trigger gcc alignment bug</li>
<li>Updated documentation of BaseKernel's property functions to hint at PropertyManager.</li>
<b>Build System</b>
<li>Removed unnecessary include dir from Core Cmakelist (Thanks to Xan for the patch)</li>
<li>Added a little safeguard against GCC optimizer bug to CMakeLists.txt</li>
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