Commit 74e4e72c authored by Martin Schultz's avatar Martin Schultz
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Added function to copy all properties from one baseKernel to another

parent 44c1de1b
......@@ -583,6 +583,18 @@ public:
* @brief copy_all_kernel_properties uses the = operator to copy all properties from a given other BaseKernel.
* @param _other Another BaseKernel, to copy the properties from.
void copy_all_kernel_properties(const BaseKernel & _other)
this->vprops_ = _other.vprops_;
this->eprops_ = _other.eprops_;
this->hprops_ = _other.hprops_;
this->fprops_ = _other.fprops_;
protected: //------------------------------------------------- low-level access
public: // used by non-native kernel and MeshIO, should be protected
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