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Document triangulate function in polymesh with more details

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......@@ -660,9 +660,24 @@ public:
/// Face split (= 1-to-n split)
void split(FaceHandle _fh, VertexHandle _vh);
/// triangulate the face _fh
/** \brief Triangulate the face _fh
Split an arbitrary face into triangles by connecting
each vertex of fh after its second to vh.
\note _fh will remain valid (it will become one of the
\note The halfedge handles of the new triangles will
point to the old halfedges
@param _fh Handle of the face that should be triangulated
void triangulate(FaceHandle _fh);
/// triangulate the entire mesh
/** \brief triangulate the entire mesh
void triangulate();
/// Edge split (inserts a vertex on the edge only)
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