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Example for locking vertices in decimater

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\attention The decimater sets temporarily the status bit 'tagged' and
clears it after usage regardless of a previous state.
\section DecimaterLock Block vertices from beeing touched by the Decimater
You could mark vertices as locked, which should not be modified by the decimater.
// That might be already requested
// Get an iterator over all halfedges
Mesh::HalfedgeIter he_it, he_end=mesh_->halfedges_end();
// If halfedge is boundary, lock the corresponding vertices
for (he_it = mesh_->halfedges_begin(); he_it != he_end ; ++he_it)
if (mesh_->is_boundary(*he_it) ) {
\section DecimaterMod Decimating Modules
The vertex to be removed is determined by a decimation module, which has
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