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/** \mainpage OpenMesh Documentation
Welcome to the %OpenMesh documentation. %OpenMesh is a generic and efficient library
that offers data structures for representing and manipulating polygonal meshes.
Here you can find information on how to build projects using the %OpenMesh library
as well as further information on mesh handling and based on %OpenMesh.
The tutorials explain how to use %OpenMesh by demonstrating real code examples.
\section iov Introduction
In this section all necessary information on how to build projects using %OpenMesh
is given. Additionally you can read about the internal naming conventions
to facilitate understanding the %OpenMesh source code. Changes to %OpenMesh are
logged in the Version history.
\li \ref compiling
\li \ref naming_conventions
\li \ref tutorial
\li \ref history
\li \ref mesh_docu
\section mesh_docu Using and understanding OpenMesh
We provided a short overview over the functionality of the %OpenMesh
library and some additional concepts in \ref tutorial, and
will now explain the most important topics of %OpenMesh in more
\li \ref mesh_first_to_read
\li \ref mesh_features
\li \ref mesh_cpp
\li \ref mesh_hds
\li \ref mesh_iterators
\li \ref mesh_io
\li \ref mesh_type
\li \ref mesh_hierarchy
\li \ref mesh_members
The %OpenMeshTools library that contains some useful tools
for i.e. mesh processing:
\li \ref tools_docu
\section tov Tutorials
This section offers some useful code examples in order to show
how to use the provided mesh structures.
\li \ref tutorial
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