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- Fixed PolyConnectivity is_collapse_ok, missing some configurations (Thanks...

- Fixed PolyConnectivity is_collapse_ok, missing some configurations (Thanks to Simon Flöry for the patch)
parent a2fe187f
#include <gtest/gtest.h>
#include <Unittests/unittests_common.hh>
#include <iostream>
namespace {
class OpenMeshCollapsePoly : public OpenMeshBasePoly {
// This function is called before each test is run
virtual void SetUp() {
// This function is called after all tests are through
virtual void TearDown() {
// Do some final stuff with the member data here...
// Member already defined in OpenMeshBase
//Mesh mesh_;
* ====================================================================
* Define tests below
* ====================================================================
* This code tests is_collapse_ok on a double sided triangle. The
* test mesh comprises three vertices, that are connected to form two
* triangles of opposite orientation. All halfedges should be non collapsable.
TEST_F(OpenMeshCollapsePoly, CheckCollapseOkDoublesidedTriangle) {
Mesh::VertexHandle vh0 = mesh_.add_vertex(Mesh::Point(0,0,0));
Mesh::VertexHandle vh1 = mesh_.add_vertex(Mesh::Point(1,0,0));
Mesh::VertexHandle vh2 = mesh_.add_vertex(Mesh::Point(1,1,0));
mesh_.add_face(vh0, vh1, vh2);
mesh_.add_face(vh0, vh2, vh1);
int collapsable = 0;
for ( const auto hh : mesh_.all_halfedges() )
if (mesh_.is_collapse_ok(hh) )
EXPECT_EQ(collapsable,0) << "No collapse should be ok when we have only a double sided Triangle";
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