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Fixed OpenMesh Version history

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......@@ -9,17 +9,21 @@
<tr valign=top><td><b>2.0-RC4</b> (2009/?/?)</td><td>
<li> Added function for direct access to property vectors</li>
<li> Fixed clear functions to swap vectors. This frees OpenMesh memory when clear is invoked.</li>
<li> Fixed reading ply files with unknown properties</li>
<li> Added support for texture coordinates in ply files</li>
<li> OMFromat -> Fixed empty template parameter issue under msvc</li>
<li> OBJReader -> fixed loading multiple objs with material files</li>
<b>Build system</b>
<li> Added missing c files</li>
<li> Build shared and static version under linux (cmake)</li>
<li> Added -DBUILD_APPS=OFF cmake flag to skip building of apps (cmake)</li>
......@@ -29,14 +33,16 @@
<li> Generate sonames under linux (cmake)</li>
<li> Debian build dir for building Debian packages (Thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)</li>
<li> Package generator for windows. Builds an setup file containing precompiled static libs and includes for windows.</li>
<li> Updated properties tutorial to include all request_... functions</li>
<li> Updates for build instructions</li>
<li> Added Tutorial on deleting geometry</li>
<li> Fixed Traits example</li>
<li> Other minor fixes</li>
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