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add hasProperty function

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......@@ -596,6 +596,34 @@ getOrMakeProperty(MeshT &mesh, const char *propname) {
return PropertyManager<typename HandleToPropHandle<ElementT, T>::type, MeshT>::createIfNotExists(mesh, propname);
/** @relates PropertyManager
* Tests whether a property with the given element type, value type, and name is
* present on the given mesh.
* * Example:
* @code
* PolyMesh m;
* if (hasProperty<FaceHandle, bool>(m, "is_quad")) {
* // We now know the property exists: getProperty won't throw.
* auto is_quad = getProperty<FaceHandle, bool>(m, "is_quad");
* // Use is_quad here.
* }
* @endcode
* @param mesh The mesh in question
* @param propname The property name of the expected property
* @tparam ElementT Element type of the expected property, e.g. VertexHandle, HalfedgeHandle, etc.
* @tparam T Value type of the expected property, e.g., \p double, \p int, etc.
* @tparam MeshT Type of the mesh. Can often be inferred from \p mesh
template<typename ElementT, typename T, typename MeshT>
hasProperty(const MeshT &mesh, const char *propname) {
typename HandleToPropHandle<ElementT, T>::type ph;
return mesh.get_property_handle(ph, propname);
/** @relates PropertyManager
* @deprecated Use makeTemporaryProperty() instead.
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