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This file contains the changes, that have been made between two versions
of OpenMesh. It lists only the changes yielding incompatibilities!
0-12-0 -> 1-0-0
- Internal data storage has changed. Now each property of
each entity (vertex/face/...) is stored in a separate array. For
instance all face normals are in one array now.
- Decimater module handling improved and corrected.
- OBJReader has limited ability to read material files. The diffuse color
information is used to set the face color property if both are
- Added tool for View Dependent Progressive Meshes.
Demo applications are located in in OpenMesh/Apps/VDProgMesh.
- Documentation moved to OpenMesh/Doc.
- OpenMesh/Win/msvc7 contains an MS VC++ solution file and projects viles.
- ASCII based file formats use C I/O functions instead of C++ I/O streams.
The change increased the speed of reading and writing by factor 2.
- Utility to create triangle strips from a mesh.
0-11-2 -> 0-12-0
- directory structure has changed!
Use script to adjust your existing sources and ACGMakefiles
- OpenMesh::IO: The read/write methods need now an additional argument
- Namespace MeshIO has been renamed to IO
Use script to adjust your existing sources.
1-9-6 -> 2-0
OpenMesh 2.0-RC2:
- Fix for OBJ reader not reading texture coordinates correctly ( Thanks to Kamalneet Singh )
- Fixed included Visual Studio files
OpenMesh 2.0-RC1:
- Reader / writer have been updated
- Some general bugfixes
- The usage of acgmake has become deprecated since the last release.
It has been entirely replaced by qmake.
- Credits to Simon Floery, Canjiang Ren, Johannes Totz, Leon Kos,
Jean Pierre Charalambos, Mathieu Gauthier
- Fix for OBJ reader not reading texture coordinates correctly ( Thanks to Kamalneet Singh )
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