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<tr valign=top><td><b>3.4</b> (?/?/?,Rev.1255)</td><td>
<tr valign=top><td><b>3.4</b> (?/?/?,Rev.1265)</td><td>
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<li>Readers/Writers: extend "can_read/can_write" function. returns true, if no explicit filename is given, but just the extension. closes #2431 </li>
<li>Writers: Avoid std::endl in various writers to avoid flushing the output stream on every line. (Thanks to Roman Zoller for the hint).</li>
<li>OBJReader: fix reading mtl files with texture only for obj files</li>
<li>OBJReader: fix crash, if obj file contains degenerated faces
<li>OBJReader: fix crash, if obj file contains degenerated faces</li>
<li>Fixing PropertyManager so that it cooperates with bool properties even on unforgiving implementations (such as clang).</li>
<li>Don't use auto_ptr when compiler supports C++11. Replaced by unique_ptr.</li>
<li>Fix for Smoother set_relative error (Thanks to Leonardo Cecchinato for the fix) </li>
<li>Improved SmootherT.hh Documentation</li>
<li>Fixed old OM3 port warning in smoother</li>
......@@ -55,6 +65,8 @@
<li>fixed a bug in the unit test</li>
<li>Added tests for tutorials about flip and collapse</li>
<li>Added basic smoother compile test</li>
<li>Added unit test for bool PropertyManager::set_range.</li>
<b>Build System</b>
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