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<tr valign=top><td><b>7.0</b> (?/?/?)</td><td>
<li>make all negative handles invalid, not just -1</li>
<li>Several warnings fixed (Including the checked iterators)</li>
<li>BaseExporter: Added accessor functions for HalfEdgeHandles and faceTexCoords to base exporter and exporter template.</li>
<li>OBJ Writer: Added functionality to store FaceTexCoords to objwriter</li>
<li>OBJ Loader: range check for vertex colors and normals in OBJ loader</li>
<li>OBJ Loader: fixed handling of negative indices in OBJ loader</li>
<li>OM Writer: Fixed OMWriter when no faces are available (Thanks to Jamie Kydd for the patch)</li>
<li>Added unittest to write and read faceTexcoords with a test obj file</li>
<li>Updated Logo</li>
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