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add methods to exporter for accessing halfedges for vertices and faces and for...

add methods to exporter for accessing halfedges for vertices and faces and for accessing next halfface, incident vertex and incident face for halfedges
parent 3e4e9547
......@@ -110,6 +110,14 @@ public:
virtual unsigned int
get_vhandles(FaceHandle _fh,
std::vector<VertexHandle>& _vhandles) const=0;
// information needed for a halfedge based data structure such as OpenMesh
virtual int get_halfedge_id(VertexHandle _vh) = 0;
virtual int get_halfedge_id(FaceHandle _vh) = 0;
virtual int get_next_halfedge_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) = 0;
virtual int get_to_vertex_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) = 0;
virtual int get_face_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) = 0;
/// \brief getHeh returns the HalfEdgeHandle that belongs to the face
/// specified by _fh and has a toVertexHandle that corresponds to _vh.
......@@ -230,6 +230,31 @@ public:
return count;
int get_halfedge_id(VertexHandle _vh) override
return mesh_.halfedge_handle(_vh).idx();
int get_halfedge_id(FaceHandle _fh) override
return mesh_.halfedge_handle(_fh).idx();
int get_next_halfedge_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) override
return mesh_.next_halfedge_handle(_heh).idx();
int get_to_vertex_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) override
return mesh_.to_vertex_handle(_heh).idx();
int get_face_id(HalfedgeHandle _heh) override
return mesh_.face_handle(_heh).idx();
unsigned int get_face_texcoords(std::vector<Vec2f>& _hehandles) const
unsigned int count(0);
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