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remove pre c++11 code

parent fb91dead
......@@ -288,11 +288,6 @@ class PropertyManager {
MeshT& getMesh() const { return dynamic_cast<MeshT&>(mesh_); }
#if (defined(_MSC_VER) && (_MSC_VER >= 1800)) || __cplusplus > 199711L || defined(__GXX_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX0X__)
/// Only for pre C++11 compatibility.
typedef PropertyManager<PROPTYPE> Proxy;
* Move constructor. Transfers ownership (delete responsibility).
......@@ -393,79 +388,6 @@ class PropertyManager {
return std::move(*this);
class Proxy {
Proxy(PolyConnectivity *mesh_, PROPTYPE prop_, bool retain_, const std::string &name_) :
mesh_(mesh_), prop_(prop_), retain_(retain_), name_(name_) {}
PolyConnectivity *mesh_;
bool retain_;
std::string name_;
friend class PropertyManager;
operator Proxy() {
Proxy p(mesh_, prop_, retain_, name_);
mesh_ = 0;
retain_ = true;
return p;
Proxy move() {
return (Proxy)*this;
PropertyManager(Proxy p) : mesh_(p.mesh_), prop_(p.prop_), retain_(p.retain_), name_(p.name_) {}
PropertyManager &operator=(Proxy p) {
return *this;
* Create a property manager for the supplied property and mesh.
* If the property doesn't exist, it is created. In any case,
* lifecycle management is disabled.
* @see makePropertyManagerFromExistingOrNew
static Proxy createIfNotExists(PolyConnectivity &mesh, const char *propname) {
PROPTYPE dummy_prop;
PropertyManager pm(mesh, propname, mesh.get_property_handle(dummy_prop, propname));
return (Proxy)pm;
* Like createIfNotExists() with two parameters except, if the property
* doesn't exist, it is initialized with the supplied value over
* the supplied range after creation. If the property already exists,
* this method has the exact same effect as the two parameter version.
* Lifecycle management is disabled in any case.
* @see makePropertyManagerFromExistingOrNew
template<typename PROP_VALUE, typename ITERATOR_TYPE>
static Proxy createIfNotExists(PolyConnectivity &mesh, const char *propname,
const ITERATOR_TYPE &begin, const ITERATOR_TYPE &end,
const PROP_VALUE &init_value) {
const bool exists = propertyExists(mesh, propname);
PropertyManager pm(mesh, propname, exists);
if (!exists)
pm.set_range(begin, end, init_value);
return (Proxy)pm;
Proxy duplicate(const char *clone_name) {
PropertyManager pm(*mesh_, clone_name, false); =;
return (Proxy)pm;
* Access the value of the encapsulated mesh property.
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