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Added missing </li> tags.

Turned STL awareness on.

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......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ EXTENSION_MAPPING =
# func(std::string) {}). This also make the inheritance and collaboration
# diagrams that involve STL classes more complete and accurate.
# If you use Microsoft's C++/CLI language, you should set this option to YES to
# enable parsing support.
......@@ -67,18 +67,20 @@ The goals/features of the C++ implementation are:
<li> Choose suitable types for scalars and coordinates (e.g. float,
double, exact arithmetic and two-, three-, or n-dimensional
<li> Enhance each item type by your own attributes/properties, like
e.g. adding a normal vector or a \c FaceHandle to class \c
<li> Efficiency:
<li> Avoid the overhead of virtual inheritance and virtual function calls.
<li> Avoid the overhead of virtual inheritance and virtual function calls.</li>
<li> Resolve as many type/attribute dependencies as possible at
compile-time instead of testing for attributes at run-time
(e.g. normal vectors for faces).
(e.g. normal vectors for faces).</li>
<li> Type-safety for handles, <b>no type-casting (*)</b>: Vertices,
(Half-)Edges, Faces know each other and their corresponding
......@@ -89,7 +91,7 @@ The goals/features of the C++ implementation are:
Though under the hood void pointers are used, the casting is done
within the mesh, and the user transparently uses his handles as before.<br>
As soon as the compiler adheres to the C++ standard the type-safe version
will be restored.
will be restored.</li>
......@@ -798,7 +800,9 @@ To make use of these constant circulators just add the prefix<br />
"Const" to the type specifier and add the prefix "c" to the function used to request
the circulator of an item. Example:<br/>
<code>ConstVertexVertexIter cvvit = mesh.cvv_iter(some_vertex_handle);</code>
ConstVertexVertexIter cvvit = mesh.cvv_iter(some_vertex_handle);
The following code example now shows how to enumerate the 1-ring of each vertex:
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