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Link all mods in decimater documentation

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generate progressive meshes as described in "Progressive meshes",
Hoppe, 1996.
Provided decimation modules:
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModQuadricT
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModNormalFlippingT
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModIndependentSetsT
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT
Provided decimation modules(Binary: B, Continuous: C, Special: X):
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModAspectRatioT (B,C)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModEdgeLengthT (B,C)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModHausdorffT (B)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModIndependentSetsT (B)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModNormalDeviationT (B,C)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModNormalFlippingT (B)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModProgMeshT (X)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModQuadricT (B,C)
- OpenMesh::Decimater::ModRoundnessT (B,C)
\section DecimaterHnd Module Handles
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