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OpenMesh 2.0-RC3 ( Rev 117 ):
OpenMesh 2.0-RC3 ( Rev 138 ):
* License
- Relicense under LGPL v3 with additional exception for template inclusion
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<table border=1 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=2>
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<tr valign=top><td><b>2.0-RC3</b> (2009/06/04)</td><td>
<li>Relicense under LGPL v3 with additional exception for template inclusion</li>
<li> PLY writer fix ( thanks to Marc Hugi )</li>
<li> PLY reader fix ( wrong parsing of uchar binary data )</li>
<li> PLY reader warnings fix ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko )</li>
<li> OBJ Reader now stores texture information in additional Mesh properties</li>
<li> OBJ reader/writer fixes</li>
<li> Smother now respects feature primitives </li>
<li> Decimater improvements and fixes ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko ) </li>
<b>Build system</b>
<li> Updated directory structure </li>
<li> Changed libnames to libOpenMesh and libOpenMeshTools </li>
<li> cmake support </li>
<li> bugfixes to qmake build system </li>
<li> Keep some basic ACGMake files around ( acgmake is deprecated!! We will not provide support for it! Please use cmake or qmake instead. ) </li>
<li> Fixed some warnings with latest gcc </li>
<li> Per halfedge texture coordinates added </li>
<li> Extended functions to get available properties </li>
<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
<tr valign=top><td><b>2.0-RC2</b> (2009/02/17)</td><td>
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