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/** \page smoother_docu Smoother Tools
\section OM_Smoother_Overview Overview
The %OpenMesh library provides tools for smoothing Triangle- and Polymeshes
-# Smoother:
-# OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT
-# OpenMesh::Smoother::LaplaceSmootherT
-# OpenMesh::Smoother::JacobiLaplaceSmootherT
\section OM_Smoother_Usage Usage
The smoothers directly work on an OpenMesh. The following example shows how to use them:
#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Smoother/SmootherT.hh>
// Initialize smoother with input mesh
OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT<MyMesh> smoother(mesh);
smoother.initialize( C0, //Continuity
Tangential_and_Normal) //Smooth direction
// Execute 3 smooth steps
\section Options
\subsection Continuity
\li C0: shape is continuous, but not the tangent
\li C1: shape and tangent are continuous
\li C2: preserves curvature
\subsection Component
\li Tangential: Smooth in tangential direction
\li Normal: Smooth in normal direction
\li Tangential_and_Normal: Smooth in tangential and normal direction
\subsection localError Local Error
By default, this option is disabled.
You can set local max. local errors (absolute or relative) via following functions:
void OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT<Mesh>::set_relative_local_error(Scalar _err);
void OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT<Mesh>::set_absolute_local_error(Scalar _err);
void OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT<Mesh>::disable_local_error_check();
...@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ ...@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@
\li \subpage decimater_docu \li \subpage decimater_docu
\li \subpage subdivider_docu \li \subpage subdivider_docu
\li \subpage vdpm_docu \li \subpage vdpm_docu
\li \subpage smoother_docu
\li Miscellaneous \li Miscellaneous
OpenMesh::StripifierT OpenMesh::StripifierT
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