Commit c7b64add authored by Max Limper's avatar Max Limper
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Copy per-halfedge and per-face properties to new elments during triangulation

parent 50994e81
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......@@ -1032,6 +1032,7 @@ void PolyConnectivity::triangulate(FaceHandle _fh)
HalfedgeHandle base_heh(halfedge_handle(_fh));
VertexHandle start_vh = from_vertex_handle(base_heh);
HalfedgeHandle prev_heh(prev_halfedge_handle(base_heh));
HalfedgeHandle next_heh(next_halfedge_handle(base_heh));
while (to_vertex_handle(next_halfedge_handle(next_heh)) != start_vh)
......@@ -1051,6 +1052,10 @@ void PolyConnectivity::triangulate(FaceHandle _fh)
set_face_handle(next_heh, new_fh);
set_face_handle(new_heh, new_fh);
copy_all_properties(prev_heh, new_heh, true);
copy_all_properties(prev_heh, opposite_halfedge_handle(new_heh), true);
copy_all_properties(_fh, new_fh, true);
base_heh = opposite_halfedge_handle(new_heh);
next_heh = next_next_heh;
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