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OpenMesh 2.0.2 ( Rev 416 ):
* Core
- Implemented is_collapse_ok for polymeshes
- Implemented split_edge ( split(edgehandle,vertexhandle) ) for poly meshes
- Bugfix for #248 (broken end definition for vertexFaceIter). Thanks to Patrik Rauber for reporting this bug.
- Fixed compiler error because of extra ','
- Fixed some compiler warnings
- Added patch to speed up add_face function(Thanks to Stephen Webb).
- Avoid some compiler warnings
* IO
- OFF Reader: Fixed crash on some files containing empty lines(Thanks to R.Schneider for the fix)).
- STL Reader: Add empty mesh when reading empty stl file (don't fail as this is still a valid file)
* Unittests
- Added test for VertexIter
- Added test for EdgeIter
- Added test for VertexFaceiter (with and without holes)
- Added test for FaceFaceiter (with and without holes)
* Build System
- Append a 'd' to the lib name if in debug mode and not in release mode
- Changed build directory contents on Mac (Build all binaries in Build dir only)
- Disable Fixbundle on Mac (not required at the moment and hangs forever)
- Added unittest directory and Build system (build explicitly with make unittests)
OpenMesh 2.0.1 ( Rev 389 ):
* Apps
- Get rid of glew dependencies
- Remove a lot of unused qt libraries which were linked before
- Do not link libXi and Xmu as we don't need it
- Added two new subdivision schemes (Interpolating Sqrt3 Labsik-Greiner and Modified Butterfly) to subdivider applications
* Core
- Work with gcc 4.6: ptrdiff_t not correctly included from std, Thanks to Ville Heiskanen for the patch)
* Tools
- Fixed bug in decimater where boundary check was using the wrong halfege(Thanks to Michal Nociar for the patch)
* Build System
- Updated debian dir (thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
- Removed glew depedency
- Only one fixbundle on mac and windows
- Run fixbundle only in standalone mode
- Run fixbundle only once
- Change debian control to reduce dependencies (glew,some qt libs)
- Fixed BUILD_APPS macro
* Documentation
- Fixed error in image about edge collapses
- Fixed wrong strip path in doxygen settings
- Fixed compilation instructions for mac
- Switched to white background with black text
- Removed glew from docs
OpenMesh 2.0 ( Rev 356 ):
* Core
- Improve computation of normals for poly meshes ( now the average normal is taken not the normal of one triangle)
- Avoid % Operator in normal calculation (triggers compiler error on vectors of size other than 3)
- Added status flag indicating that mesh reader duplicated primitives to avoid non-manifold configurations
- Setting associated handles of iterator types invalid if reference mesh contains none of the respective entities.
- Added halfedge colors
* IO
- PLY Reader: Avoid failure of file writing if face colors or face normals are requested for PLY files.
* Math
- Added missing include of string.h to VectorT.hh (Thanks to Justin Bronder for reporting this)
- Added some vector norm functions for L1 norm, and absolute mean,max,min(Thanks to Michal Nociar)
* Tools
- OpenMesh mesh dual generator added (Thanks to Clement Courbet for providing the code)
- Added Sqrt3InterpolatingSubdividerLabsikGreinerT and ModifiedButterFlyT (Thanks to Clément Courbet for providing the code)
* Apps
- OpenMesh mesh dual generator application added (Thanks to Clement Courbet for providing the code)
* Documentation
- Added search engine
- Added treeview on the left
- Generate subpage structure to make treeview more organized
- Enabled Doxygen stl support
- Fixed documentation for add_face and some other typos (Thanks to Yamauchi Hitoshi)
- Added preprocessor directives such that doxigen parses vectorT correctly
* Build System
- Copy Doc directories to installers
- Copy shared Qt Libs to build dir on windows
- Updated glew and glut finders
- Respect seperate settings for build types (release,debug,relwithdebinfo)
- Extend macros acg_append_files_recursive acg_append_files to not include files starting with a dot
OpenMesh 2.0-RC5 ( Rev 306 ):
* Core
- Fixed build error in function calc_dihedral_angle_fast
- Made iterators/circulators stl compliant
- Provide begin/end functions for circulators
- mostream crash fixed (Thanks to Adrian Secord for providing the patch)
- added colors to status flags for edges ( request_edge_color ... )
- Fixed issue with wrong normal scalar type when using integer points and float normals (Thanks to Clement Courbet for reporting this bug)
* Readers/Writers
- Fixed build error in STL writer
- Fixed and enhanced PLY reader to improve handling of unknown properties (Thanks to Michal Nociar for the patch)
- Fixed crash in Offreader with DOS line endings. (Thanks to Adrian Secord for the patch)
- Fixed obj readers for some files containing tabs
* Apps
- OpenMesh progressive mesh generator readded
- OpenMesh progressive mesh viewer readded
- OpenMesh progressive mesh analyzer readded
- OpenMesh progressive mesh synthesizer readded
* Documentation
- Updated Documentation front page
- Added mesh navigation tutorial
- Added iterator tutorial
- Updated tutorial and docu for mesh circulators
- Updated tutorial on deleting geometry
- Examples for flipping and collapsing edges
- Fixed a lot of doxygen warnings
- Fixed some spellings
* Build System
- Fixed rpath issue when building and installing on MacOS
- Fixed install target for MacOS (headers where not copied due to bug in cmake)
OpenMesh 2.0-RC4 ( Rev 227 ):
* Core
- Added function for direct access to property vectors
- Fixed clear functions to swap vectors. This frees OpenMesh memory when clear is invoked.
- Fixed bug in handle() function when getting handle from given Halfedge (Reported by Rob Patro)
- Memory leak in assignment Operator (Reported by Meng Luan, Thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko for the patch)
* Readers/Writers
- Fixed reading ply files with unknown properties
- Added support for texture coordinates in ply files
- Add additional interface to readers/writers to use streams directly (allows direct writing to a streams)
- OMFromat -> Fixed empty template parameter issue under msvc
- OBJReader -> Fixed loading multiple objs with material files
- OBJWriter -> Fixed writing of normals, Missing / when skipping texture coordinates
* Build system
- Added missing c files
- Build shared and static version under linux (cmake)
- Added -DBUILD_APPS=OFF cmake flag to skip building of apps (cmake)
- Added install target (cmake)
- Added doc target (cmake)
- Added doc-install target (cmake)
- Generate sonames under linux (cmake)
- Debian build dir for building Debian packages (Thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
- Package generator for windows. Builds an setup file containing precompiled static libs and includes for windows.
- Throw warning if a min or max macro is defined under windows and suggest NOMINMAX (Thanks to Ingo Esser)
* Documentation
- Updated Documentation Mainpage
- Updated properties tutorial to include all request_... functions
- Updates for build instructions
- Added Tutorial on deleting geometry
- Fixed Traits example
- Other minor fixes
- Added tutorials as compileable source code
* Misc
- Updated debian dir to build debs (Thanks to Jean Pierre Charalambos)
OpenMesh 2.0-RC3 ( Rev 138 ):
* License
- Relicense under LGPL v3 with additional exception for template inclusion
* Readers/Writers
- PLY writer fix ( thanks to Marc Hugi )
- PLY reader fix ( wrong parsing of uchar binary data )
- PLY reader warnings fix ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko )
- OBJ Reader now stores texture information in additional Mesh properties
- OBJ reader/writer fixes
* Tools
- Smoother now respects feature primitives
- Decimater improvements and fixes ( thanks to Ilya A. Kriveshko )
* Build system:
- Updated directory structure
- Changed libnames to libOpenMesh and libOpenMeshTools
- cmake support
- bugfixes to qmake build system
- Keep some basic ACGMake files around ( acgmake is deprecated!! We will not provide support for it! Please use cmake or qmake instead. )
* Other
- Fixed some warnings with latest gcc
- Per halfedge texture coordinates added
- Extended functions to get available properties
OpenMesh 2.0-RC2 ( Rev. 79 ):
- Fix for OBJ reader not reading texture coordinates correctly ( Thanks to Kamalneet Singh )
- Fixed included Visual Studio files
OpenMesh 2.0-RC1:
- Reader / writer have been updated
- Some general bugfixes
- The usage of acgmake has become deprecated since the last release.
It has been entirely replaced by qmake.
- Credits to Simon Floery, Canjiang Ren, Johannes Totz, Leon Kos,
Jean Pierre Charalambos, Mathieu Gauthier
Please look into the doxygen configuration (Generated from Doc/history.docu)
......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
<!-- --------------------------------------------------------------------- -->
<tr valign=top><td><b>2.0.2</b> (?/?/?,Rev.416)</td><td>
<tr valign=top><td><b>2.0.2</b> (?/?/?,Rev.421)</td><td>
......@@ -35,6 +35,12 @@
<li>Added test for FaceFaceiter (with and without holes)</li>
<li>Document that if OpenMesh is linked statically OM_STATIC_BUILD has to be defined on the executable to make readers work correctly</li>
<li>Improved MeshIO Documentation</li>
<li>Get rid of most doxygen warnings</li>
<b>Build System</b>
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