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Add some more documentation about primitive deletion. Closes #14

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......@@ -768,6 +768,25 @@ as deleted and OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::garbage_collection() has not yet been call
After garbage_collection() has been called the elements are reorganized and their handles and
iterators are guaranteed to be consecutive numbers again.
OpenMesh uses a lazy deletion scheme to avoid unnecessary updates to the data structure. The
halfedge data structure will always be updated directly to ensure that following algorithms
will have the correct iterator setups.
So if you delete a face, The face itself will still exist but the halfedges which are now located at
the hole will be updated directly, which means that circulators on the adjacent vertices will not
come across the face anymore.
If an edge is deleted, the adjacent faces will be removed as well (flagging them deleted and updating
the surrounding halfedges). The edge itself will also be flagged as deleted. Again the circulators will
not see the deleted primitives anymore.
For a vertex, all adjacent faces and edges are deleted with the schemes above and the vertex flagged as deleted.
The iterators, going across vertices edges and faces will still enumerate all primitives (including deleted ones).
Except if you use the skipping iterators, which will skip deleted primitives. The circulators always only enumerate
primitives which are not deleted.
<li>If you delete elements on the mesh, they will still be
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