Commit e2ef88ee authored by Jan Möbius's avatar Jan Möbius
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Restrict to right OS

parent 0692bc49
gcc-c++11: gcc-c++11:
script: "CI/ gcc C++11" script: "CI/ gcc C++11"
only: Linux
clang-c++11: clang-c++11:
script: "CI/ clang C++11" script: "CI/ clang C++11"
only: Linux
gcc-c++98: gcc-c++98:
script: "CI/ gcc C++98" script: "CI/ gcc C++98"
only: Linux
clang-c++98: clang-c++98:
script: "CI/ clang C++98" script: "CI/ clang C++98"
only: Linux
macos: macos:
script: "CI/" script: "CI/"
only: Apple
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