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<tr valign=top><td><b>4.2</b> (?/?/?,Rev.1333)</td><td>
<li>Moved repository to git</li>
<li>loaded properties are presistant per default</li>
......@@ -17,12 +22,14 @@
<li>PLY Writer: add custom property (with pod data type) support for binary ply files closes #2496</li>
<li>remove redundant code refs #2525</li>
<li>Off Writer: Removed redundant code</li>
<li>Made STLReader, OBJReader reuse stringstreams to improve performance</li>
<li>add obj writer unittest</li>
<li>add unittest for write stla</li>
<li>Fixed bug where Some C++11 unittests were not build and used</li>
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