Commit e4ac38ce authored by Isaak Lim's avatar Isaak Lim
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- removed redundant tests in is_collapse_legal that where already performed in is_collapse_ok

- on moneta this reduced the running time (release mode) of the incremental decimater from around 30 s to 27.5 s
when decimating 400 000 faces with a distance constraint of 1.0 and a normal dev. constraint of 10
- the McDecimater currently clocks in at around 7 s in average with the same constraints

refs #1005

git-svn-id: fdac6126-5c0c-442c-9429-916003d36597
parent cbe0094b
......@@ -101,10 +101,19 @@ template<class Mesh>
bool BaseDecimaterT<Mesh>::is_collapse_legal(const CollapseInfo& _ci) {
// std::clog << "McDecimaterT<>::is_collapse_legal()\n";
// locked ? deleted ?
if (mesh_.status(_ci.v0).locked() || mesh_.status(_ci.v0).deleted())
// locked ?
if (mesh_.status(_ci.v0).locked())
return false;
// this test checks:
// is v0v1 deleted?
// is v0 deleted?
// is v1 deleted?
// are both vlv0 and v1vl boundary edges?
// are both v0vr and vrv1 boundary edges?
// are vl and vr equal or both invalid?
// one ring intersection test
// edge between two boundary vertices should be a boundary edge
if (!mesh_.is_collapse_ok(_ci.v0v1))
return false;
......@@ -119,48 +128,18 @@ bool BaseDecimaterT<Mesh>::is_collapse_legal(const CollapseInfo& _ci) {
&& !mesh_.status(mesh_.edge_handle(_ci.v0v1)).feature())
return false;
//--- test one ring intersection ---
typename Mesh::VertexVertexIter vv_it;
for (vv_it = mesh_.vv_iter(_ci.v0); vv_it; ++vv_it)
for (vv_it = mesh_.vv_iter(_ci.v1); vv_it; ++vv_it)
for (vv_it = mesh_.vv_iter(_ci.v0); vv_it; ++vv_it)
if (mesh_.status(vv_it).tagged() && vv_it.handle() != _ci.vl
&& vv_it.handle() != _ci.vr)
return false;
// if both are invalid OR equal -> fail
if (_ci.vl == _ci.vr)
return false;
//--- test boundary cases ---
if (mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v0)) {
if (!mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v1)) { // don't collapse a boundary vertex to an inner one
// don't collapse a boundary vertex to an inner one
if (!mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v1))
return false;
} else { // edge between two boundary vertices has to be a boundary edge
if (!(mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v0v1) || mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v1v0)))
return false;
// only one one ring intersection
if (_ci.vl.is_valid() && _ci.vr.is_valid())
return false;
// v0vl and v1vl must not both be boundary edges
if (_ci.vl.is_valid() && mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.vlv1)
&& mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v0vl))
return false;
// v0vr and v1vr must not be both boundary edges
if (_ci.vr.is_valid() && mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.vrv0)
&& mesh_.is_boundary(_ci.v1vr))
return false;
// there have to be at least 2 incident faces at v0
if (mesh_.cw_rotated_halfedge_handle(
mesh_.cw_rotated_halfedge_handle(_ci.v0v1)) == _ci.v0v1)
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