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Completed tutorial page on mesh iterators and circulators.

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* Vertex circulators
// Get the vertex-vertex circulator (1-ring) of vertex _vh
VertexVertexIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::vv_iter (VertexHandle _vh);
// Get the vertex-incoming halfedges circulator of vertex _vh
VertexIHalfedgeIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::vih_iter (VertexHandle _vh);
// Get the vertex-outgoing halfedges circulator of vertex _vh
VertexOHalfedgeIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::voh_iter (VertexHandle _vh);
// Get the vertex-edge circulator of vertex _vh
VertexEdgeIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::ve_iter (VertexHandle _vh);
// Get the vertex-face circulator of vertex _vh
VertexFaceIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::vf_iter (VertexHandle _vh);
* Face circulators
// Get the face-vertex circulator of face _fh
FaceVertexIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::fv_iter (FaceHandle _fh);
// Get the face-halfedge circulator of face _fh
FaceHalfedgeIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::fh_iter (FaceHandle _fh);
// Get the face-edge circulator of face _fh
FaceEdgeIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::fe_iter (FaceHandle _fh);
// Get the face-face circulator of face _fh
FaceFaceIter OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity::ff_iter (FaceHandle _fh);
......@@ -717,7 +717,6 @@ MyMesh::VertexIter instead of \c
\subsection subsec_iterators Linear Iterators
The linear iterators are used to enumerate all mesh items, e.g. for
......@@ -782,14 +781,26 @@ i.e. it takes a mesh and the handle of the item to iterate
All circulators provide the operations listed in
OpenMesh::Concepts::CirculatorT, which are basically the same as the
CirculatorT<Mesh>, which are basically the same as the
iterator funtions.
Furthermore, circulators provide \c operator \c bool(), which returns
true, as long as the circulator hasn't reached the end of the
Example: The following code enumerates the 1-ring of each vertex:
%OpenMesh provides the following functions (defined in OpenMesh::PolyConnectivity)
to get circulators around a specified center item:
Note that for every circulator there also exists a constant version.
To make use of these constant circulators just add the prefix<br />
"Const" to the type specifier and add the prefix "c" to the function used to request
the circulator of an item. Example:<br/>
<code>ConstVertexVertexIter cvvit = mesh.cvv_iter(some_vertex_handle);</code>
The following code example now shows how to enumerate the 1-ring of each vertex:
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