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Complemented standard properties tutorial to contain all available request_* functions.

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......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ entity for which it can be used.
To add a standard property to an entity simply use the appropriate
request method, e.g. \c  request_face_normal(). The only exception is
request method, e.g. \c request_face_normals(). The only exception is
the position <sup>(*)</sup>. It cannot be added because it is
permanently available, hence it cannot be removed as well.
......@@ -102,6 +102,55 @@ which is incremented by one for each request and decremented by one
for each release. If the counter reaches 0 the property will be
removed from memory.
As we have seen in the table above, we have 9 dynamically requestable properties.
The request functions as defined in OpenMesh::Concepts::KernelT
Added properties can be released by the following functions:
A properties existance can be tested with
which return true if a property has been requested before and is available.
The status property is used for marking geometry elements i.e. as selected or deleted.
See \ref tutorial_07b for further information.
Now we know how to add and remove standard properties, but how do we
access them? Again we need the mesh object. Unlike the custom
properties, where we accessed one with the mesh member function \c
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