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A Note to OpenFlipper Users
When using the OpenMesh Python Bindings within OpenFlipper, it is often
necessary to pass data to one of the OpenFlipper plugins. Properties provide a
straightforward way to do this. For example, we may wish to calculate a scalar
vertex property using the python scripting interface and then visualize the
result using OpenFlipper's PropertyVisualizer plugin.
However, since all properties created using the mechanisms described above are
stored as python objects, most existing OpenFlipper plugins will not know how to
interpret them. To circumvent this problem, OpenFlipper users can create native
C++ properties by calling :func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.add_vertex_cpp_property`,
:func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.add_edge_cpp_property` and
:func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.add_face_cpp_property` respectively.
For example,
.. code:: python
mesh.add_vertex_cpp_property("my_double_property", "double")
will create a vertex property with the name "my_double_property" and type
``double``. In addition to ``double``, the following C++ types are currently
supported: ``bool``, ``int``, ``float``, ``double``, ``vec2f``, ``vec3f``,
``vec4f``, ``vec2d``, ``vec3d``, ``vec4d``
Native C++ properties can be set like any other property, i.e.
.. code:: python
mesh.set_vertex_property("my_double_property", om.VertexHandle(0), 42.0)
will attempt to set the property for vertex 0 by converting the given value
(here 42.0) to a native ``double``. In case the conversion fails, a
``ValueError`` exception is thrown. Similarly,
.. code:: python
mesh.vertex_property("my_double_property", om.VertexHandle(0))
will retrieve the property for vertex 0.
As before, :func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.has_vertex_property`,
:func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.has_edge_property` and
:func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.has_face_property` can be used to check if a property
with the given name already exists, while
:func:`~openmesh.TriMesh.remove_edge_property` and
can be used to remove a property.
.. caution:: When using the OpenMesh Python Bindings within OpenFlipper,
internal properties such as ``v:points`` and ``v:normals``, which store the
vertex coordinates and normals respectively, are exposed to python. Do not
remove these properties!
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