Commit c82247fa authored by Alexander Dielen's avatar Alexander Dielen
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added missing add_vertex overload

parent 7a27451d
......@@ -865,6 +865,8 @@ void expose_mesh(py::module& m, const char *_name) {
.def("split_edge_copy", &Mesh::split_edge_copy)
.def("add_vertex", &Mesh::add_vertex)
.def("add_vertex", [](Mesh& _self, py::array_t<typename Point::value_type> _arr)
{ return _self.add_vertex(Point(,,; })
.def("is_collapse_ok", &Mesh::is_collapse_ok)
.def("delete_vertex", delete_vertex, py::arg("vh"), py::arg("delete_isolated_vertices")=true)
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