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......@@ -53,6 +53,23 @@ Figure 2 illustrates this hierarchy.
\subsection bottom_up The Bottom-Up Adjacency Relation
In many cases, the adjacency list to higher dimensional entities for a given entity is
required. Therefore, %OpenVolumeMesh offers the opportunity to explicitly compute
the so-called \e bottom-up adjacencies. For this, %OpenVolumeMesh stores the
following information for the respective entity type in additional caches:
\li \b Vertex: A list of all outgoing half-edges.
\li \b Half-Edge: An (ordered) list of all incident half-faces.
\li \b Half-Face: The handle to an incident cell or none if it is a boundary half-face.
The computation of this adjacency relations is performed in linear time complexity.
Call function OpenVolumeMesh::PolyhedralMesh::update_adjacencies() after the
topology of the mesh is completely initialized. Note that each time the topology
of the mesh has changed, the bottom-up adjacencies have to be updates.
Note also that most of the iterators and circulators rely on these adjacency lists.
So, many of them do not work unless OpenVolumeMesh::PolyhedralMesh::update_adjacencies()
is called.
\section genericity Genericity
......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ has_cell_status_(false) {
/// Build adjacency list in top-down-order
template <typename VecT>
void PolyhedralMesh<VecT>::update_adjacencies() {
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