Commit 22b0aedf authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann
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Fix ResourceManager: avoid double assignment

parent e667f47b
......@@ -333,19 +333,9 @@ void ResourceManager::assignProperties(typename std::conditional<Move, ResourceM
template<bool Move>
void ResourceManager::assignAllPropertiesFrom(typename std::conditional<Move, ResourceManager&, const ResourceManager&>::type src)
// TODO: we need some helper function to clean up this dispatch:
for_each_entity([&](auto entity_tag) {
assignProperties<Move, decltype(entity_tag)>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Vertex>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Vertex>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Edge>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::HalfEdge>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Face>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::HalfFace>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Cell>(src);
assignProperties<Move, Entity::Mesh>(src);
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