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Version X (?/?/?)
- !!!Break compatiblity with C++98, require C++11 as mininum!!!
- Fix bug in halfface reordering
- Track if garbage collection is necessary.
- Ignore non-serializable datatypes when saving properties instead of throwing exception.
- Add support for C++11 range-for for iterator pairs
- mark vertex_cells and halfedge_cells as const
- Implement Property copy(src_idx, dst_idx) analogue of OpenMesh properties
- Append d to debug library
- Add vertex vertex iterator to iterate over one-ring of a vertex
- Add vertex face iterator to iterate over all faces incident to a vertex
- Implement ptr::make_unique and clean up pre-c++11 ifdefs.
- Disable file_converter if boost is not found.
- Make handle constructors explicit
- Made property handle constructors explicit
- Enable range iterators on MSVC
Version 2.0 (2016/08/03)
- Added Tetrahedral Mesh class
- Implemented fast and deferred deletion of entities
- Improved serializiers
- Allow to force static casts when requesting properties
- Fixed some bugs in swap methods
- Fix bug in adding a hex cell with valence 2 edge
- Fix a bug when swapping deleted cells
- Updated vector class to latest OpenMesh vector
- Move vector helpers into OpenVolumeMesh::Geometry namespace
- Remove html literal operator
Version 1.2 (2015/10/01)
- Status Attribute offers a garbage collection which removes all elements previously tagged as deleted.
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