Commit 3ea67092 authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann
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request_property_impl: Add missing specialisation for Entity::Vertex

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......@@ -124,6 +124,12 @@ struct request_property_impl {
static PropertyTT<T, EntityTag> _(ResourceManager* /*resman*/, const std::string& /*_name*/, const T /*_def*/);
template<class T>
struct request_property_impl<T, Entity::Vertex>{
static PropertyTT<T, Entity::Vertex> _(ResourceManager *resman, const std::string &_name, const T _def) {
return resman->request_vertex_property<T>(_name, _def);
template<class T>
struct request_property_impl<T, Entity::Edge>{
static PropertyTT<T, Entity::Edge> _(ResourceManager *resman, const std::string &_name, const T _def) {
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