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Tests: fix warnings from implicit int() deprecation

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......@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
#include <OpenVolumeMesh/Mesh/TetrahedralMesh.hh>
#include <OpenVolumeMesh/Geometry/VectorT.hh>
#define EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(a, b) EXPECT_EQ((a).idx(), (b).idx())
#define EXPECT_HANDLE_NE(a, b) EXPECT_NE((a).idx(), (b).idx())
* Simple test setting for polyhedral meshes
......@@ -12,14 +12,14 @@ TEST_F(HexahedralMeshBase, HexVertexIterTest) {
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(0), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(1), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(2), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(3), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(4), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(7), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(6), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_EQ(VertexHandle(5), *hv_it);
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(0), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(1), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(2), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(3), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(4), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(7), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(6), *hv_it); ++hv_it;
EXPECT_HANDLE_EQ(VertexHandle(5), *hv_it);
TEST_F(TetrahedralMeshBase, VertexVertexIteratorTest) {
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