Commit 6093bad8 authored by Max Lyon's avatar Max Lyon
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Merge branch 'mheistermann/OpenVolumeMesh-fix-warning-rangefor-test'

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......@@ -26,8 +26,9 @@ TEST_F(HexahedralMeshBase, HexVertexIterTest) {
TEST_F(HexahedralMeshBase, RangeForTest) {
// no EXPECTs here, if it compiles, it'll work.
for (const auto& vh: mesh_.vertices()) {}
VertexHandle _dummy; // use vh to avoid compiler warnings
for (const auto& vh: mesh_.vertices()) { _dummy = vh;}
const auto& constref = mesh_;
for (const auto& vh: constref.vertices()) {}
for (const auto& vh: constref.vertices()) { _dummy = vh;}
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