Commit a1adaf49 authored by Martin Heistermann's avatar Martin Heistermann
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Fix compile for libstdc++ with _GLIBCXX_DEBUG

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......@@ -227,7 +227,13 @@ private:
inline void OpenVolumeMeshPropertyT<bool>::swap(size_t _i0, size_t _i1)
data_.swap(data_[_i0], data_[_i1]);
// std::vector<bool>::swap(reference x, reference y) exists, but
// on libstdc++ with _GLIBCXX_DEBUG it doesn't compile
// (2018-02-26, libstdc++ 8.2.0)
auto tmp = data_[_i0];
data_[_i0] = data_[_i1];
data_[_i1] = tmp;;
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