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remove now-unused VERSION file, update changelog

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Version X (?/?/?)
Version 2.1 (2019/09/09)
- Modern target-based CMake 3 build system
- !!!Break compatiblity with C++98, require C++11 as mininum!!!
- Renamed * into *T_impl.hh to avoid ugly problems ith several IDEs
- Fix bug in halfface reordering
......@@ -19,6 +20,8 @@ Version X (?/?/?)
- Fix bug in edge split of tetrahedral meshes
- Ensure that halfface iterators start with a boundary halffaces when cells are deleted
- Added new iterators (VertexIHalfEdgeIter, VertexEdgeIter, VertexHalfFaceIter, EdgeHalfFaceIter, EdgeFaceIter, EdgeCellIter)
- Added `hidden` flag to StatusAttrib for visualisation purposes
- Added InterfaceAttrib to denote interior interfaces
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