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\page building_openvolumemesh Building OpenVolumeMesh
\section building_prerequisites Prerequisites
%OpenVolumeMesh is equipped with a complete CMake ( build system that should
make compiling the library on any platform pretty simple. Make sure you have at least CMake version 2.6
installed on your machine. Get the latest CMake sources or binaries at
If you are interested in contributing to %OpenVolumeMesh by developing on its
code base, we highly recommend to install the Google testing framework which can be found here: .
This framework is needed in order to build and execute our included unit tests.
\section config_and_build Configuring and building OpenVolumeMesh on Linux and MacOSX
Open a terminal and extract the %OpenVolumeMesh sources or check out the latest subversion revision:
svn co OpenVolumeMesh --username=anonymous --password=anonymous
It is recommended to build %OpenVolumeMesh out-of-source, so create a folder named e.g. "build" \e outside
the %OpenVolumeMesh sources root folder. Change to the newly created build directory and just type
cmake /path/to/OpenVolumeMesh/sources
Note that CMake configures the build such that it builds with debug symbols per default.
If you want to build with release settings (with optimizations turned on), use the tool
ccmake .
inside your build folder. Once everything is configured as desired, just type
inside the build folder. The built libraries can be found in the sub-folder
\c Build/lib. %OpenVolumeMesh will be built as a static as well as a dynamic library.
If you want to build %OpenVolumeMesh's documentation, simply type
make doc
inside the build folder. The generated doxygen documentation files can then be found in
\c Build/share/Doc/html.
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