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Halfedge vector and length

See merge request !67
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......@@ -169,10 +169,18 @@ public:
typename PointT::value_type length(const HalfEdgeHandle& _heh) const {
return vector(_heh).length();
typename PointT::value_type length(const EdgeHandle& _eh) const {
return vector(_eh).length();
const typename TopologyKernelT::Edge& e = TopologyKernelT::edge(_eh);
return (vertex(e.to_vertex()) - vertex(e.from_vertex())).length();
PointT vector(const HalfEdgeHandle& _heh) const {
const typename TopologyKernelT::Edge& e = TopologyKernelT::halfedge(_heh);
return (vertex(e.to_vertex()) - vertex(e.from_vertex()));
PointT vector(const EdgeHandle& _eh) const {
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