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add method to drop files from list

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......@@ -178,6 +178,16 @@ macro (acg_get_files_in_dir ret dir)
endforeach ()
endmacro ()
# drop all "*" files from list
macro (acg_drop_templates list)
foreach (_file ${${list}})
if (_file MATCHES "$")
set_source_files_properties(${_file} PROPERTIES HEADER_FILE_ONLY TRUE)
message("Deprecated naming scheme! The file ${_file} ends with indicating it is a template only implementation file. Please rename to T_impl.hh to avoid problems with several IDEs.")
endif ()
endforeach ()
endmacro ()
# copy the whole directory without svn files
function (acg_copy_after_build target src dst)
acg_unset (_files)
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