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......@@ -10,15 +10,21 @@ macro (vci_unset_qt_shared_variables version)
set (VCI_INTERNAL_QT_LAST_VERSION "${version}" CACHE INTERNAL "Qt Version, which was used on the last time")
# Macro to help find qt
# Variables used:
# QT_INSTALL_PATH : Path to a qt installation which contains lib and include folder
# QT_VERSION : (5/6) Default to qt 5 or 6
# QT_REQUIRED_PACKAGES : Required qt packages
# QT5_REQUIRED_PACKAGES : Required qt packages specific to qt5 only
# QT6_REQUIRED_PACKAGES : Required qt packages specific to qt6 only
macro (vci_qt)
if(POLICY CMP0020)
# Automatically link Qt executables to qtmain target on Windows
cmake_policy(SET CMP0020 NEW)
endif(POLICY CMP0020)
set (QT_INSTALL_PATH "" CACHE PATH "Path to Qt directory which contains lib and include folder")
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