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small where test

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glow @ 88ddba87
Subproject commit b749957cbf3738e6e21ce40a484d9005dbb5444f
Subproject commit 88ddba8729b6d3170dc536317b811239330a6d19
glow-extras @ cabc984b
Subproject commit d836a59ac09549fd5b3ddbd7ecfe12955a941f40
Subproject commit cabc984b6ed98c971263fd305a10a37f53b88d05
polymesh @ 5719ed18
Subproject commit 65025e1af6e6abb89401e0337d49310b01ba8833
Subproject commit 5719ed1860a475ddfcf3d7119027e4bd7910b0a9
typed-geometry @ f8a5e563
Subproject commit 9f74e822f4b8e3d974de0fd615ca185dd0a34e75
Subproject commit f8a5e56373e3da67e7ea543424d0704950cbdfc1
......@@ -3,8 +3,8 @@
#include <map>
#include <polymesh/Mesh.hh>
#include <polymesh/properties.hh>
#include <polymesh/objects/cube.hh>
#include <polymesh/properties.hh>
#include <typed-geometry/tg.hh>
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ TEST_CASE("Ranges.Basics")
CHECK(m.vertices().min(pos) == tg::pos3(0));
CHECK(m.vertices().max(pos) == tg::pos3(1));
CHECK(m.vertices().where([&](pm::vertex_handle v) { return pos[v].x > 0.5f; }).count() == 4);
struct face_value
float area;
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